The new Champlain Bridge and the Green Mountains from Cheney's "Window".
High Peaks and former mining operation from Cheney's Western Summit.
Mid to late August is simply one of the best times to hike in the Adirondacks.  Fortunately, I was able to get out yesterday on a spur of the moment trip to one of the park's newest trails--Cheney Mountain.  This route comes courtesy of Champlain Area Trails--CATS--and opened to foot traffic within the past year.  This group is doing a stellar job of developing new hiking opportunities in eastern Essex County.

Cheney offers moderate grades through a nice mixed forest.  The ground is soft and forgiving on this 1.5 mile round-trip jaunt, which is the antithesis of the rock-hopping one must often deal with in the High Peaks.  The mountain also offers viewing diversity with three different summit lookouts.  We started by traversing to the Western Summit where one can get a terrific look at not only Cheney's big brothers and sisters to the northwest--The Dix Range, portions of The Great Range, and several other High Peaks loom over a number of foothills--but also a bird's eye glimpse at the old mining operation which long ago had the area economy booming.  The South Summit offers a spectacular, head-on view of the new Champlain Bridge.  I fell in love with this view instantly and have nicknamed this spot the "Cheney Mountain Window" for the way the trees frame in the view of the bridge, lake, and surrounding mountains.  The North Summit offers a nice view of Lake Champlain.  While this is a relatively easy climb, the trail branches off to each of the summit sections, and this could be confusing for someone new to hiking.  A map would be helpful.  The West Summit also offers a mini-loop to soak in the many views from its open sections.  All in all, Cheney has a lot to offer and is a welcome addition to the list of spectacular hiking destinations our area offers. 

Directions: Hire me to take you there...just kidding...The trail is located on the Pelfershire Road in Mineville, NY.  From Mineville, turn right onto this road, drive past Linney Field and PAST the turn for Cheney Road and you will see a sign for Cheney Mountain on the right.  When walking through the field--the site of an old landfill--walk straight across toward the woods and you will see a trail marker on a tree.  The field itself has no trail markers.

Mike St. Pierre
8/20/2012 08:02:46 am

How do you get the trail head? What road and all that? Thanks.


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