My wife and I loaded the Hornbecks, enjoyed a nice paddle across Putts Pond, stashed and locked them up in the woods, then proceeded to hike one of my favorite mountains.  The last couple of times I've climbed Treadway have been in the winter; it's amazing how much different things look with the leaves on. I have never experienced such dry conditions. I think a burning ban will be in order soon. A lot of the undergrowth on the exposed rock sections was actually wilting. Despite the heat, this was still a tremendous day. With views of the High Peaks, Green Mountains, and Pharaoh Lake Wilderness, it was worth it. Bugs were persistent but not too bad.  This trip will be even more enjoyable in the fall as the leaves are changing.  See the "Featured" page for more information and to book this awesome trip for you and your family.

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