Trolling from a Hornbeck on a perfect May morning.
PictureA fine wilderness brookie.
Waterfront wilderness camping trips that involve fishing are always tricky to blog; highly successful outings like this one make the task even more daunting.  Thus, I will begin by stating that the location of this trip will not be disclosed in the blog post out of respect to the fishery.  

Our party set out for some solitude and great fishing; we got both.  A number of beautiful brookies and lakers were taken, and a few were kept, cleaned, and dressed for a fire-roasted supper.  Camping and fishing conditions were ideal--air and water temps were in the decidedly happy zone, nasty bugs were few and far between, and we were constantly reminded of the gloriously cyclical nature of seasons in the Adirondacks.  The water was alive with baitfish, leeches, and crayfish.  Osprey hovered overhead at midday.  Loons made their eerie cries at dusk.

In addition to some great fish on the fire, we enjoyed an excellent breakfast creation by AWGS dining guru Nyle Baker.  His combination of scrambled eggs, sweet bell peppers, onions, and grated sharp cheddar is something special.

PictureA wonderfully dressed brook trout, ready for the fire.
All in all, we had a stupendous weekend enjoying the woods and water.

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